Valley CoPA (Community of Practice in Autism)

Booklist of Valley CoPA
Book Title
1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children with Autism Ellen Notbohm and Veronica Zysk This is full of creative, practical ideas for parents and providers.
The ABA Program Companion J. Tyler Fovel
(includes CD-ROM)
This book and CD-ROM explain how to organize behavioral programs for children with autism.
Activities for Developing Pre-Skill Concepts in Children with Autism Steven Gutstein This book describes ways to steer children with autism onto a path of self-discovery and social awareness using the RDI method (Relationship Development Intervention).
Autism and Play Jannik Beyer and Lone Gammeltoft Describes different play sequences which encourage the integration of social, emotional, and cognitive development in children with autism.
Autism Sourcebook Karen Siff Exhorn This book, written by a parent whose child has autism covers everything from diagnosis, treatment, coping and healing.
Autism Spectrum Lorna Wing This is a parent’s guide to understanding their child with autism
Autism Spectrum Disorders – A Transactional Developmental Perspective Amy Wetherby and Barry Prizant A cross-disciplinary reference that offers a thorough overview of the communication, language, social, and behavioral issues characteristic of autism spectrum disorders. Practical guidelines for intervention are provided.
Autism: The Hidden Epidemic? NBC News Special Reports (DVD) This four hour DVD is a compilation of NBC News special reports on autism. Views of parents and professionals are included.
Autism Through the Lifespan -The Eden Model David Holmes Presents an in–depth model of helping persons with autism.
Before Your Child Talks and Becoming Partners with Children James MacDonald and Yvonne
This provides strategies to promote interaction and talking.
Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with Autism Catherine Maurice This includes specific instruction so that the reader will have an in-depth understanding of how to set up a behavioral system for teaching a child with autism.
Children With Autism Michael Powers Provides information and support to parents who have a child with autism.
Communicating Partners James MacDonald This book focuses on helping children develop social relationships and communication.
Social and Communication Intervention for Children with Autism
Kathleen Ann Quill A comprehensive assessment and intervention guide to use with children with autism.
Early Intervention and Autism James Ball Helps parents understand their child with autism and covers strategies to help children with autism learn.
Educating Children with Autism National Research Council

This book outlines an interdisciplinary approach to educating children with autism, explores what makes education effective, and identifies specific characteristics of programs that work.

Emergence – Labeled Autistic Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin, an adult with autism, tells how she went from a “fear-gripped autistic childhood to become a successful professional, a world leader in her field.”

Engaging Autism Stanley Greenspan This book focuses on helping children relate, communicate and think with the DIR Floortime Approach.
Facing Autism – Giving Parents Reasons for Hope & Guidance for Help Lynn Hamilton

A parent of a child with autism tells her story and provides a number of strategies other parents might take in order to help their child with autism.

Floor Time Stanley Greenspan

This program includes a videotape developmental chart, professional guide and reproducible parent/teacher handouts that explain the “Floor Time” method of tuning into each child.

Helping Children with Autism Learn Bryna Siegel This guide provides thorough information on autism and helps the reader find the right method for a particular child’s learning style.
An Introduction to PECS Lori Frost and Andrew Bondy (video) A video that provides an overview of the potential benefits of PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) and shows each training phase.
Initiations and Interactions Teresa Cardon This book provides many suggestions for developing communication and social skills in young children with autism.
Let Me Hear Your Voice Catherine Maurice This book, written by a mother whose child had autism, describes the behavioral and other treatment approaches she used and her success.
Louder Than Words Jenny McCarthy This book, also written by a mother whose child had autism, describes the behavioral and other treatment approaches she used and her success.
More Than Words Fern Sussman Includes many strategies to help parents promote communication and social skills in children with autism spectrum disorder.
On the Spectrum First Signs (video) This video, designed for physicians but appropriate for anyone, shows children with characteristics of autism.
Out of Sync Child Carol Stock Kranowitz This book help the reader recognize and cope with children who have sensory integration challenges.
Out of Sync Child Has Fun Carol Stock Kranowitz This book is full of activities for children with sensory integration challenges.
A Picture’s Worth – PECS and Other Visual Communication Strategies in Autism Andy Bondy and Lori Frost Explains the PECS (Pictures Exchange Communication System) in-depth and also gives an overview of other augmentative and alternative communication systems.
Pivotal Response Treatments for Autism Robert Koegel and Lynn Koegel Describes how to use natural learning opportunities to help children with autism with their communication, behavior and social skills.
Pivotal Response Booklets Koegel Center at UCSB These four booklets provide Pivotal Response Treatment information. The titles are Parent/Professional Collaboration, How to Teach Pivotal Behaviors, Teaching First Words, and Understanding Why Problem Behaviors Occur
Play Project Richard Solomon (CD-ROM) This comprehensive CD-ROM provides a lecture on autism and strategies to use at home and at school with children with autism. It is based on the work of Stanley Greenspan.
Playing, Laughing and Learning with Children on the Autism Spectrum Julia Moor Includes play ideas and steps to encourage engagement.
Raising a Sensory Smart Child Lindsey Biel and Nancy Peske

This is a thorough book covering how the senses work together and integrate with each other, sensory diet activities, and practical solutions for sensory issues.

Relationship-Based Intervention Rebecca Klaw (DVD/CD-ROM) This 3 hour DVD with the accompanying CD-ROM of handouts explains how and why to make the social connections that build development in young children with autism
Relationship Development Intervention with Young Children Steven Gutstein and Rachelle Sheely Covers social and emotional developmental activities for children with Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism, PDD and NLD (Non-Verbal Learning Disability).
Right from the Start – Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with Autism Sandra Harris and Mary Jane Weiss This book provides information for parents who are interested in using an Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) approach with their child with autism.
SCERTS Model – Social Communication, Emotional Regulation, Transactional Support Barry Prizant and Amy Wetherby (video cassettes and 2 manuals) SCERTS is an innovative framework to support improved communication and socio-emotional abilities in children with autism.
Souls – Beneath and Beyond Autism Sharon Rosenbloom This book, through its pictures and words, provides some insight into the intense emotions and perspectives of some families who have children with autism.
Source for Treatment Methodologies in Autism Gail Richard An overview of some of the more popular treatment options for children with autism is provided.
The Sourcebook for PDD Assessment and Intervention Shana Asbell and Margaret Mapes Visconti Includes strategies for helping young children with autism develop communication skills.
Teaching Children with Autism Kathleen Quill This book describes teaching strategies and instruction adaptations which promote communication and socialization in children with autism.
Teaching Language to Children with Autism or Other Developmental Disabilities Mark Sundberg and James Partington The focus of this book is on the use of BF Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior as a guide for language assessment and intervention.
Teaching Playskills to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Melinda Smith This manual reviews play and how to incorporate play activities into the daily routine of children with autism and other developmental delays/disabilities.
Ten Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew Ellen Notbohm Written by a mother of a child with autism, this book describes characteristics of children with autism.
Thinking in Pictures and Other Reports from My Life with Autism Temple Grandin Temple Grandin, an adult with autism, shares her story from the dual perspectives of a scientist and a person with autism.
Understanding the Nature of Autism Janice Janzen This is a complete guide to autism and includes many strategies to teach a broad array of skills.
Visual Strategies for Improving Communication Linda Hodgdon Contains many practical visual supports for school and home with many illustrations and strategies included.
What You Can Do Right Now to Help Your Child with Autism Jonathan Levy This gives practical strategies to help children with autism interact with others more consistently.
A Work in Progress Ron Leaf and John McEachin Focuses on behavioral management strategies and a curriculum for intensive behavioral treatment of autism.
The World of the Autistic Child Bryna Siegel This book helps everyone understand ASD and gives some strategies to use in intervention.