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Father with Premature Baby

Infants who are born prematurely and who meet the following criteria are automatically eligible for early intervention services in Virginia:

  • Have a diagnosis of periventricular leukomalacia
  • Were born at a gestational age of less than or equal to 28 weeks, and/or
  • Experienced a NICU stay of greater than or equal to 28 days.

The resources you will find posted here are intended to help EI practitioners learn more about supporting young children who were born prematurely and their families.


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Landing Pad

Prematurity Landing Pad PDF

*for best viewing experience we recommend pdf version

Archived Webinars

Talks on Tuesdays

Prematurity and Early Intervention: Prevalence, Issues, and Trends

VA’s Integrated Training Collaborative

Partnership for People with Disabilities

Presented by Beth Tolley, Nancy Farmer Brockway, Tina Hough, and Ginny Heuple

This webinar provides information about prematurity, identifying challenges, eligibility determination, impact on development, and local EI system experiences with supporting these children and their families. Click the link above to visit the 2010-2011 Talks on Tuesdays Archive and scroll down until you find the webinar.



Articles & Handouts

After the NICU: Promoting Your Premature Baby's Development at Home (external website)

Infant & Toddler Connection of Virginia

This brochure gives parents an idea of what to expect from a premature baby. It also provides information about play activities to support movement, thinking, and communication, as well as some developmental concerns to watch for.



Online Learning

The Early Interventionist’s Guide to Prematurity

VA’s Integrated Training Collaborative

Partnership for People with Disabilities at VCU

In this module, you will learn about prematurity and how the preterm infant develops. Specific information regarding eligibility for early intervention supports and services for premature babies is also explored. Tips to support families with premature infants are included throughout the module.




Corrected Age Calculator (external website)

ELBW Follow-up

Use this simple calculator to help you determine a premature child's adjusted or corrected age.

Prematurity Screening Checklist   PDF | DOC

This checklist was developed by the Infant & Toddler Connection of Hampton-Newport News to assist practitioners as they screen infants who were born prematurely. While many premature infants will be automatically eligible for supports and services (i.e., if they had a gestational age less than or equal to 28 weeks and/or had a NICU stay of greater than or equal to 28 days), this screening may provide qualitative information to the assessment and IFSP teams to assist them in developing the most appropriate IFSP for the child and family.




Areas First All Private Neonatal Care Unit Opens (external website)

This video and article introduces Kyle’s family who experienced care in a new Neonatal Care Unit following Kyle’s premature birth.



Websites & Programs

Premature Birth (external website)

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

This CDC site offers an overview of prematurity for parents and service providers.

Premature Infant (external website)

Medline Plus

This page provides an overview of causes, exams and tests, treatments, outlook, and complications associated with prematurity.

Your Premature Baby

March of Dimes

Visit this page for lots of information about premature babies, including statistics, care, infant development, and complications and conditions associated with prematurity.



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