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There is nothing like seeing early intervention in action or hearing first-hand experiences from those who provide or receive these services. On this page, you will find videos of Virginia early intervention practitioners and families sharing their insights, expertise, and experiences. We are so very grateful to the families and practitioners who have shared their stories and talents with us!

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Limitations on Video Use
These videos were produced and posted to this website with voluntary written permission from all parties who appear in the video. These videos many not be used for commercial purposes and may not be edited, altered, transformed, or built upon without written permission. These videos may be used for professional development or public awareness, with appropriate citation. If you have questions about how to cite the videos or to request permission to use a video, please contact Dana Childress at

EI Video Library

Early Intervention in Action! – EI Video Library 
Visit this site for a variety of freely available videos and video links about early intervention. This video library is a collaborative project of the Early Childhood/Early Intervention Community of Practice and the Virginia Early Intervention Professional Development Center. If you have a video to add to the library, please submit a link by email Dana Childress at

What is Early Intervention in Virginia

VA's Integrated Training Collaborative
This video features Virginia service providers, families, and administrators as they describe early intervention. Video clips and photos are also featured to help viewers understand what early intervention looks like and why it works. For guidance about how to use this video to explain early intervention, check out the following two resources: Letter to Community Partner PDF and Explaining Early Intervention: Virginia’s Statement PDF

Assessment & IFSP Development

Early Intervention Assessment using the MEISR
MEISR Community of Practice

This video provides an example of how the MEISR can be implementing during an assessment for service planning. Special thanks to the Infant and Toddler Connection of Virginia Beach who recorded this video.

Lily’s Assessment & IFSP Development
Video Reflection Guide

To help trainers, faculty, and supervisors use this video for professional development, a Video Reflection Guide is also available, which includes summaries of the video sections and reflection questions which can be used to guide discussion.

Coaching in Early Intervention

Coaching in Action
Integrated Training Collaborative
Partnership for People with Disabilities/VCU

This video features Robin, a speech-language pathologist, using a coaching interaction style with a mother during an early intervention visit. Robin uses observation, practice, reflection, feedback, and joint planning during this activity to help the mother learn intervention strategies she can use with her son.

Coaching a Family during an Early Intervention Visit
Integrated Training Collaborative
Partnership for People with Disabilities/VCU

This video features, Yvonnie, a developmental services provider, using a coaching interaction style with a mother during an early intervention visit. Yvonnie reviews the mother’s joint plan for helping her son learn to self-feed and pull-to-stand. She uses reflective questions to explore the family’s experience since the last visit.

Importance of Early Intervention

The Benefits of Early Intervention – Erin & Arlo

Erin describes how early intervention has helped her son, Arlo, thrive.

Brandon's Story, A Mother's Voice

In this 2015 Telly Award winning video, meet Brandon’s mother as she talks about the importance and impact of early intervention on her son’s life. You’ll also hear from Brandon, who is a teenager and talented musician.

Early Intervention Saved His Life

Carol describes how she believes that early intervention saved her son’s social-emotional life.

Liam's Story, A Mother's Voice

Jamie, Liam's mother, reads a letter she wrote to the VA General Assembly about how important early intervention has been in her family's life. In the video, you will meet Jamie and Liam and see how, through collaboration between his family and his early intervention providers, Liam is able to communicate, use a computer, and move about at home, on trips to a museum and out to get ice cream with his family.

Inclusive Practices

Inclusion in Action: Patty's Play Group | Related Resource Page

Alexandria, VA This video features an inclusive play group in Northern VA that is designed so that toddlers with and without disabilities and their families have fun together.

Inclusion Means Everyone! | Related Resource Page

This 3 min video describes inclusion as a basic human right. Speakers focus on the importance of all children, from infancy on through adulthood, being fully included in all aspects of family and community life. This video was developed by VA's Integrated Training Collaborative at the Partnership for People with Disabilities at VCU as a project of the VA SpecialQuest Birth-5 Project.

Routines-based Intervention

Early Intervention: A Routines-Based Approach Part 1: Traditional vs. Routines

VA's Integrated Training Collaborative 
This is the first in a three part series of short videos featuring three current early intervention service providers sharing their insights into providing supports and services using a routines-based approach. Part 1 features an experienced interventionist sharing her personal journey from a clinical approach to one focusing on family routines and activities as the context for effective early intervention.Related Resource Page

Early Intervention: A Routines-Based Approach: Part 2: What Intervention Can (and Should) Look Like.

VA's Integrated Training Collaborative 
This is the second video in a three part series. Part 2 features three early interventionists discussing and demonstrating what intervention looks like when it is provided by collaborating with families during their natural routines and activities. Related Resource Page

Early Intervention: A Routines-Based Approach Part 3: Changing the Mindset

VA's Integrated Training Collaborative
This is the third video in a three part series. Part 3 features three early interventionists sharing their insights about how they evolved their practices towards a more effective, routines-based intervention approach. Related Resource Page

Service Coordination

The Importance of Service Coordination – Charlie House | Related Resource Page

Hear how one father describes the support his family received from their service coordinator and the importance of this support to his family.

Early Intervention Saved His Life | Related Resource Page

Carol describes how she believes that early intervention saved her son’s social-emotional life.

How Service Coordinators Support Service Providers | Related Resource Page

Laura, a developmental services provider from the I&TC of Norfolk, describes the important role service coordinators play in supporting service providers on the IFSP team.

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