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Service Coordination

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Service coordination is a critical part of the early intervention system. To support the important work of service coordinators in Virginia, resources, information, and training opportunities related to providing service coordination will be posted here.

For more information about Virginia’s service coordination training program and to register for upcoming trainings, visit the Kaleidoscope: New Perspectives in Service Coordination page.


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Core Competencies | Archived Webinars | Articles & Handouts | Audio/Video | Online Learning | Websites & Programs


Core Competencies

Infant & Toddler Connection of VA – Core Competencies   PDF
Virginia's comprehensive system of personnel development includes mechanisms to assure a basic level of competency for initial early intervention certification as well as continued development of expertise through the certification requirements and trainings offered under the auspices or approved by of the Infant & Toddler Connection of Virginia.
All early intervention practitioners are required to meet Core Competencies 1.0 through 9.4 in order to provide supports and services to children and families.
In addition to meeting Competencies 1.0-9.4, service coordinators are required to meet competencies 10.0-10.7.



Archived Webinars

Implementation Webinar Session 1

Complete a Survey (required for certificate)



Implementation Webinar Session 2

Complete a Survey (required for certificate)



Webinar Documents for both Session 1 and Session 2
Download/Print these files!

PowerPoint Presentation
FAQ about Early Intervention Targeted Case Management 8-15-2011.doc

July 19 Webinar Questions and Answers 8-15-11.doc
EI TCM SC Contact Notes - samples 7-30-11.doc
EI Reimbursement-Billing Fact Sheet 8-15-11.doc
EI TCM Fact Sheet 8-15-11.doc
Contact Note Checklist.doc
Educational requirements and KSAs 7-20-11.doc
EITCM Family Fact Sheet - No TCM July 22, 2011.doc
EITCM Family Fact Sheet- ID 7-22-11.doc

EITCM Family Fact Sheet- MH 7-22-11.doc
Health Indicator Questions MD Communication 6-29-11.doc
IFSP SC Page 4 with Health STG 6-13-11.doc
Initial EI Service Coordination Plan form 6-13-11.doc
Physician Certification including Health Indicator Questions 6-13-11.doc



Articles & Handouts

Bruder, M. B. (2010). Coordinating services with families. In. R. A. McWilliam (Ed.), Working with families of young children with special needs, (93+). New York, NY: Guilford Press. (external website)
Click this link for a lengthy excerpt from the chapter above which includes information about service coordination in early intervention.

Bruder, M. B., & Dunst, C. J. (2008). Factors related to the scope of early intervention service coordinator practices. Infants & Young Children, 21(3), 176-185. (external website)

The study investigated the influence of the model of service coordination, the length and frequency of service coordination contacts, and the helpgiving practices used by service coordinators on service coordination practices, such as IFSP oversight, coordination with other services, provision of information to families, etc.

Dunst, C. J., & Bruder, M. B. (2006). Early intervention service coordination models and service coordination practices. Journal of Early Intervention, 28(3), 155-165. (external website | pdf)
This article presents information about three different models of service coordination (dedicated and independent, dedicated but not independent, and blended) and nine different service coordination practices. Strengths and limitations of the different models are discussed.

How Your Service Coordinator Can Help You  PDF

I&TC of Arlington

This one-page handout can be used to help families identify who their service coordinator is and what roles he/she plays in early intervention supports and services.

Service Coordination Activity Note – Templates

I&TC of the Rappahannock Area

These templates can be adapted for any local system and have been approved by the VA Part C office as meeting requirements for service coordination contact note documentation.

Template 1 – Single Contact   DOC

Template 2 – Multiple Contacts   DOC




Video Charlie HouseThe Importance of Service Coordination - Charlie House

Hear how one father describes the support his family received from their service coordinator and the importance of this support to his family.


Video How Service Coordinators Support Service ProvidersHow Service Coordinators Support Service Providers

Laura, a developmental services provider from the I&TC of Norfolk, describes the important role service coordinators play in supporting service providers on the IFSP team.




Online Learning

The Many Facets of Service Coordination
VA’s Integrated Training Collaborative
Partnership for People with Disabilities at VCU
This module is designed to orient new service coordinators to important facets of their work, including ensuring team collaboration, coordinating and monitoring EI service delivery, and accessing community resources. All new service coordinators must complete this module as part of the EI certification process.



Websites & Programs

Research and Training Center on Service Coordination

The Research and Training Center on Service Coordination was a five-year project funded by the Office of Special Education Programs, US Department of Education. The goal of the center was to examine the status of service coordination for children with disabilities and their families receiving early intervention services under Part C of IDEA. Newsletters and other free publications can be accessed on this site related to the research findings of this project.

Service Coordination under IDEA


This resource page is maintained by the National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (NECTAC) with information related to the provision of service coordination in early intervention. Visit this page for a variety of resources.



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