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Path #2: A Continuous and Collaborative Process

This learning path illustrates how functional assessment (FA) is both a continuous and a collaborative process. Functional assessment is continous when service providers us it to gather information about the child and family throughout early intervention. When FA reflects a collaborative team process, it includes building and maintaining rapport and relationships among early intervention team members (i.e., the service coordinator, service providers and family members/caregivers). To get credit for this learning path, you must complete the five activities below, then take a quiz to test your knowledge. Once you have completed the learning path and scored at least 80% on the quiz, you will have access to a certificate of completion.

Total time to complete the learning path: 2 hours


Activity 1
Watch the video, Functional Assessment: A Continuous and Collaborative Process. (VEIPD Videos, runtime 3:53)

This video demonstrates how continuous and collaborative functional assessment occurs throughout the early intervention process from referral to transition.

Instruction IconInstructions: Watch the video.



Activity 2
Read the blog post, Ongoing Assessment Occurs Naturally. (EI Strategies for Success)

This blog post discusses Virginia’s definition of ongoing assessment. A scenario-based example is provided that showcases how ongoing functional assessment is a continuous process.

Instruction IconInstructions: Read the article. Reflect and comment on the two questions at the end of the blog post.



Activity 3
Watch the video, What is Authentic Assessment? (Runtime: 3:02)

In this video, providers and family members discuss the continuous and collaborative features of authentic assessment including: ongoing, naturalistic, whole child, multiple perspectives, and useful.

Instruction IconInstructions: Watch the video.



Activity 4
Read the Virginia’s Child Outcomes Booklet: Team Engagement in the Child Outcomes Summary Process. (Infant & Toddler Connection of VA)

This booklet provides specific ways team members collaborate together throughout the functional assessment process.

Instruction IconInstructions: Click the link to review the booklet.



Activity 5
Complete the Engaging Families as Partners in Their Child’s Assessment Checklist. (ECTA Center)

Collaboration with team members is critical and families play a major role as partners in functional assessment by providing important sources of information about what a child can do, likes to do, is interested in, and how well he/she functions throughout the day. This checklist includes eight practices that service providers can use to collaborate with and engage families during functional assessment.

Instruction IconInstructions: Click the link above to review the checklist. Thoughtfully read each component and reflect on your own practice as you complete the checklist.



Complete the Quiz

You must achieve a score of at least 80% on the quiz to receive a certificate of completion. This certificate will document 2 professional development (PD) hours.


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