Early interventionists (EIs) play a critical role nurturing the relationship between the caregiver and child to enhance all children’s social and emotional development to promote successful future outcomes. This podcast focuses on infant mental health topics that support the emotional well-being of all families. Join us to listen and reflect to promote meaningful moments for all families in early intervention.

This podcast is a collaborative effort from the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (through a contract with the Partnership for People with Disabilities/VCU). 

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Episode 1: Stress on Caregivers and Children

Run time: 35:24

Episode 2: Stress and the Early Interventionist

Run time: 37:43

Episode 3: We ALL Have a Role in Infant Mental Health

Run time: 52:02

Episode 4: Breaking Down the Stigma of IMH

Run time: 33:33

Episode 5: Postpartum OCD with Valerie Abbott

Run time: 44 minutes

Episode 6: Promoting Gratitude

Run time: 50 minutes

Episode 7: Elevating IMH through Policy and Advocacy with Andy Gomm

Run time: 43 minutes

Episode 8: Caring Across Colors: Bridges to Understanding with Kirsten Sippel-Klug and Kena Chambers

Run time: 39 minutes

Episode 9: Blame it on the Brain: The Truth about Temperament

Run time: 40 minutes


Lisa Terry, MS, M.Ed., Infant Family Specialist, IMH-E®
Early Intervention Professional Development Consultant
School of Education, Partnership for People with Disabilities at VCU

Lisa provides support for the design and implementation of professional development activities for early intervention providers and administrators in Virginia. She has worked in early intervention for over 15 years as an educator, service coordinator, clinical supervisor, and consultant. Lisa is the host of the podcast, Meaningful Moments-Connecting Infant Mental Health to Early Intervention. Lisa is a certified trainer in the Growing Brain, a ZERO TO THREE curriculum. She maintains endorsement in infant mental health as an Infant Family Specialist and Infant Mental Health Mentor-Research/Faculty. Lisa is the co-facilitator for DEC's Infant Mental Health Community of Practice.

Tracy Ellis Walters, M.Ed. Infant Family Specialist, IMH-E®
State Early Childhood Mental Health Coordinator
Va. Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Services

Tracy Walters is a team member in the Office of Child and Family Services at the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services; she is the State of Virginia’s Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Coordinator. She maintains endorsement in infant mental health as an Infant Family Specialist.


Seth Buffkin
Technology Communications Coordinator
Partnership for People with Disabilities, Virginia Commonwealth University

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