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Our Purpose

ITC Staff Sitting Around TableThe ITC coordinates Virginia’s Comprehensive System of Personnel Development (CSPD) for early interventionists who provide early intervention services for infants and toddlers with developmental delays and disabilities and their families under Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA).

Our Mission

Virginia’s Part C Integrated Training Collaborative (ITC) shares a commitment to a coordinated and consistent plan of preservice and inservice training as part of a comprehensive system of personnel development, in order to ensure the provision of services by highly qualified personnel. The ITC brings together the experience and expertise of providers, family members, university faculty, Infant & Toddler Connection of VA staff, and other dedicated individuals to help implement training opportunities and enhance educational networking on behalf of infants and toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities and their families.

The Integrated Training Collaborative meets quarterly. Subcommittees meet as needed to plan events and activities. Meetings are open to all who are interested.

Available Resources

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Professional Development Needs of Early Intervention Providers (Jan 2010 Needs Assessment) PDF

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