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You make a difference.Toddler Smiling Eating Cake

There it is. It’s a powerful thing and one that we can easily take for granted in the midst of paperwork, getting stuck in traffic between visits, going to meetings, and completing even more paperwork. You never know when you are going to provide support to a child and family that will impact them for the rest of the child’s lifetime. Service coordinators regularly link families with resources, help them find information to make informed decisions, guide families through unfamiliar processes, and provide emotional support that is often greatly needed at vulnerable times. Service providers help parents see the incredible influence they have on their child’s development. It’s not just about teaching children to walk and talk, it’s about providing the guidance and support the family needs to shape their child’s abilities. Early intervention providers touch lives, and that takes my breathe away when I really think about it.

The work you do is so important. When you have one of “those” days when you feel exhausted or feel like switching gears and maybe trying to run a flower stand at the beach instead (you know who you are), step back and reflect and be proud of what you do. Take that breath and remember that everyday you have the opportunity to make a difference in a child’s and family’s life.

Listen to Liam’s mother as she shares what early intervention has meant to her family:

I know I usually write about tips and strategies you can use with families, but I thought today seemed like a good day to just appreciate you. 🙂

What is it that you love about your job? Why are you in this field?

11 comments on “Your “EI Happy Thought” For the Day

  • David Munson says:

    Thank you, Dana, for the warm sentiments and for reminding us why we do what we do every day. The video is an exceptional family story that captures the science, art, and emotion of our calling. It is so important to keep the big picture in mind when we too often get caught up in the “weeds” of our jobs. Your closing questions cause reflection and affirmation. Thanks!

  • Pamela Lang says:

    This story is a wonderful reminder that every parent wants the same basic experiences for their child, no matter what barriers may exist. They want their child to participate in everyday situations and share family moments. A heartwarming example of the what can be achieved with the combined dedication of the family and professionals working together as a team.

  • Amy Cocorikis says:

    Dana, you know I have been sharing your blog at the state and local level as well as in trainings. This morning I was so pleased to open an email from the manager of a program who sent this link out to her entire staff of 50 or so Service Coordinators. She used it as a way to thank them for all of their hard work on behalf of children and families! The work you are doing is impacting so many and I just wanted to let you know and to say thanks to *you*!

  • Amy Cocorikis says:

    The Manager is from the same program where we are using your blog articles during small group supervision and I just shared your article on “critters” after staff meeting since we are experiencing a bed bug situation in our area! So many ways to use these articles!

  • Cori Hill says:

    I have to say I’m playing “blog catch up” but this was much needed after a long day. As a self-proclaimed “flower shop at the beach owner wannabe” this was just the reminder that EI is SO IMPORTANT! Thanks to others for adding comments that were just so reaffirming!

  • Lisa says:

    thank you for this blog. I feel that Early Interventionists on the whole truly love their job. I feel so lucky and blessed that families welcome me into THEIR home with open arms to almost be a part of their “extended family.” I cannot count how many times I get a tear in my eye when I am there to witness a child’s first steps or first word uttered right there with their parents. It’s the most amazing part about my job 🙂


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