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We often hear from early intervention (EI) practitioners that they need more videos that show recommended practices. In order to “do” it, or implement these practices with families, it really helps to “see” it. Because practices are something we do, we need examples to help us know if we are doing them correctly too. This challenge with producing good videos is shared by many trainers and practitioners across our EI community. Fortunately, we do have a few good videos, but other states also have some fantastic examples that we can watch to help us “see” coaching in action!

The video I want to highlight here is from NYC Health and describes what they call “embedded coaching” during EI visits. With a run time of 6:02 minutes, you’ll meet a physical therapist and the mother she is supporting. They describe and illustrate how coaching works during a visit. They also share the impact of coaching from both of their perspectives.

Now sit back for the next six minutes and enjoy the video!

I want to invite you to pay close attention to what the physical therapist says around 4:15 minutes – powerful! Share your thoughts about this powerful statement and what coaching looks like by leaving a comment below!

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4 comments on “Want to See Embedded Coaching? Watch This Video!

  • Lynne Blythe says:

    Very inspiring! When the physical therapist made the comment about how the children should have been walking towards the parent, not her….that really hit home

  • Melinda Rizley says:

    Wow! What a great presentation on why we do what we do. I would love to see an example of how the therapist set the stage during the initial visits to create such a great collaborative partnership! Any recommendations?

    • Great question, Melinda. At the first visits, you might try spending time “teaching” the family about how your collaboration will work. Rather than sitting on the floor and immediately engaging the child (which is what often happens), sit by the parent and describe what to expect. Explore the family’s interests, the parent’s priorities, and their daily routines first by discussing them, then ask the parent where he/she would like to start. Keep the early focus on the the parent-child interaction and that sets things up with the right focus. Here’s a handout we have in Virginia that providers can use with families during initial visits to help them get a sense of what to expect: http://infantva.org/documents/One%20Page%20Handout%20for%20Families%20with%20Coaching%20Terms.pdf

      I’d love to hear from others about they set the stage too!


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