Early Intervention Strategies for Success

Sharing What Works in Supporting Infants & Toddlers and the Families in Early Intervention


Despite not being able to meet in person, tele-intervention (telehealth) has brought new opportunities to think about how we are talking about the child outcome summary process. Let’s be completely honest. Tele-intervention forces us to use good teaming practices because there cannot be any side conversations among professionals and everyone is only able to see …

Ever been in a home visit with a parent who is
simultaneously using his/her phone while discussing the child with you? There
are lots of ways that phones and screen time show up during visits. For
instance, parents hand their child a phone to keep him quiet or distract other
children in the home. Parents may pull out their …

Access the new module on the VA eLearning Center site: Child Development

Have you heard the good news? An all new, highly
interactive Child Development module
was recently launched through the VEIPD team. The module follows two children,
Alejandro and Lydia, as they grow and develop from birth to thirty-six months. With
a particular emphasis on the importance of relationships …

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