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Access the new module on the VA eLearning Center site: Child Development

Have you heard the good news? An all new, highly interactive Child Development module was recently launched through the VEIPD team. The module follows two children, Alejandro and Lydia, as they grow and develop from birth to thirty-six months. With a particular emphasis on the importance of relationships, routines and activities, and natural learning opportunities, learners see Lydia and Alejandro within the context of their families. The interrelatedness of nature, nurture, genetics, and environment is fully explored. Recognition of the importance of the children and their families within their support systems and communities is also emphasized.

Divided into eight chapters averaging about fifteen minutes in length, the module features a foundational knowledge of child development. Each chapter contains a variety of learning aids including brief videos and short articles. Especially helpful, every chapter also includes a downloadable handout for each developmental phase that highlights typical developmental milestones across multiple domains, emphasizing the whole child.

So let’s see – how could YOU use the Child Development module?

New Early Interventionists
If you are a new (or soon-to-be) early interventionist in Virginia, this module is one of the required certification modules that you will take to receive early intervention certification. Regardless of your role as therapist, service coordinator, local system manager, etc., the foundational information will support your work with infants, toddlers, and their families. The topics will help you to think about the importance of development, potential delays, and family-centered practices when considering IFSP outcomes and service implementation.

Veteran Early Interventionists
Perhaps you are a veteran early interventionist who has observed this phenomenon—the longer you do assessments on infants and toddlers who have developmental delays, the more you think that children with ‘typical development’ are exceptionally bright, even gifted. Sometimes our perceptions become skewed. This module on typical child development could be a good refresher to help you re-align those perceptions.

How about faculty members? We know just how crammed it can be trying to fit all of the required course content into various early childhood special education and early childhood education programs. This module could support your students with the basics, including attractive, resource handouts for quick reference and future use.

Other Agencies
And if you are joining us from a community agency such as Early Head Start, childcare agencies, or home visiting programs, this module is for you, too! We frequently get requests to provide foundational child development staff training, With a total time of approximately two hours, loads of resources, quick learning checks following each chapter, and a full module quiz with certificate of completion, staff can take the module at a convenient time at their own pace.

We are excited to share this new resource with you. It is our hope that regardless of your role supporting infants and toddlers, birth to age three, and their families, you will find the new Child Development module helpful.

Have you used the new Child Development module?

Share with us your roll and what aspects of the module you found most useful in the comments below.

Instructions to access the module: Visit the VA Early Intervention eLearning Center. Scroll down to find: Initial Certification (Required for all Virginia EI Practitioners). Look for the Child Development module in the list. You will need to create an account in order to access the module.

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