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New Perspectives in Service Coordination

Kaleidoscope, New Perspectives in Service Coordination is an introductory level training program for new early intervention (EI) service coordinators. The training program includes completion of three components:

  1. The Many Facets of Service Coordination (external website) online module
  2. Kaleidoscope Training – one face-to-face training day
  3. Kaleidoscope Community of Practice - three monthly web-based meetings with the cohort who attended the training day to support implementation of the concepts learned from the module and training

New service coordinators must complete the Service Coordination online module as part of the initial certification process to become a certified EI targeted case manager. Once certified, service coordinators must complete the Kaleidoscope Training and Community of Practice activities within 15 months of their hire date.

PRIOR to participating in the Kaleidoscope Training, service coordinators must:

  • Complete all requirements for certification as an EI Targeted Case Manager
  • Complete the online application process by visiting the 
    EI Certification Database (external website)
  • Become certified as an EI Targeted Case Manager

Learn More About the Initial EI Certification Process

Completing the Kaleidoscope Training and Community of Practice activities count toward the 30 hours of training required for EI recertification in Virginia.

Upcoming Kaleidoscope Trainings

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Comments From Your Colleagues From Past Kaleidoscope Trainings


 “This was a very enlightening and relaxing experience filled with lots of fun.”

“Great and wonderful to network and work with friends and colleagues across the state!”

“Regardless of experience level, SCs benefit greatly from this training.”

“I really enjoyed the training and the trainers! It was a very open training that welcomed questions and comments. It was very helpful.”

“This training was awesome. I am more clear about my role as a service coordinator. I have more understanding on how to ask better questions for the IFSP (page 2)