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Woman Looking Between Her FingersLast week I wrote about strategies for using videotaping during and between EI visits.  Here are three fabulous resources to help you think more about the potential use of video to positively impact our work with families:

Results Matter Video Library

Larry Edelman from the University of Coloradco produced these videos and has been a leader in developing short videos for use in EI/EC professional development. If you completed VA’s credentialling modules, you watched some of these videos. Take a look at the clips on using video for self-reflection, celebrating progress, and sharing with families.

Early Intervention Home Visits

This video was developed by Connecticut’s early intervention system. It provides parents with a fantastic overview of what to expect on a home visit and what recommended practices (like coaching and consultation, using a primary provider model, parent-professional collaboration, and routines-based intervention) should look like. Even though the video refers to a specific state’s system, I think it would be a great resource for new families, practicum students, and funders who need to learn about what early intervention should look like.

Liam’s Story, A Mother’s Voice

This video was developed as part of our work in VA and shows interventionists working with Liam and his family. The video focuses on the positive impact of early intervention in Liam’s family’s life, and also shows some nice examples of early intervention that moved beyond the living room floor.

I’ve searched youtube and google for examples of early intervention videos and, not surprisingly, the resources are scarce. I hope these videos get you thinking about how powerful video can be with helping you think about your work with families. Whether used as a personal reflection tool, as part of a professional development activity, or directly with families to support their learning, videos can help you bridge two gaps: the gap between visits and the gap between recommended and actual practice.

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