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I’m so excited to spread the word about our latest video featuring service providers, administrators, and families talking about early intervention! Specifically, the video answers the following 3 questions: What is early intervention? What does it look like? and Why does it work?

In addition to short interviews, the video includes photos and video clips of intervention visits to show families and service providers working together in natural environments. We produced the video at the request of local Part C system managers who asked for resources to help their staff explain early intervention to families, referral sources, and others in the community. English captions are available, and in the near future, we plan to add Spanish captions as well to make the video more widely accessible. The video is available on YouTube and on our VA Early Intervention Professional Development Center website.

Take a look:

How You Can Use this Video in Your Program

To help you think about how you might use this video, even if you aren’t in Virginia, here are a few ideas:

Embed the video on your program’s website – The video provides a wealth of general information that could be useful to new families looking into EI services.

Include the url in public awareness materials and information provided to families at the intake – If your program has brochures or parent information handouts, add the video title, url, and description (which you can find on the VEIPD Videos page).

Require that all new service providers and service coordinators watch it – Add the video to your new staff orientation checklist.

Share the link with referral sources – Invite pediatrician or social services offices who offer TVs in their waiting areas to show the video periodically throughout the day. Ask them to include the url in the information they give to families when a referral is being considered or is made to EI.

Share the link with your local public access TV station – Some local public access stations might be able to play the video when requested by community agencies. This could be a wonderful local public awareness/child find activity.

Guidance will be coming out soon with additional ideas for how to use this video to spread the word about early intervention in your community so stay tuned. We’d love to get YOUR ideas too!

What are some ways you envision using a video resource like this?? Share your ideas in the comments below!

For more free videos about early intervention, be sure to visit our Videos page!

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